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Ken Walker

Ken Walker has been in the car business for over 6 years, and in that time, he has strived to provide excellent customer service. He believes that you should be given total reassurance and peace of mind when you buy a car. Because of this understanding, he offers compassion to every customer and a no-pressure sales environment.

  • At U Need a Car, We’re Here When You Need Us
  • Above Average Cars, Below Average Prices
  • Guaranteed Financing No Matter Your Credit History
  • Sell Us Your Car Without The Hassle
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We Make It Easy

View Our Inventory

Our car database has numerous new and used vehicles

Get Easy Financing

We offer a variety of loan options for our customers

Value Your Trade-In

There are many advantages to trading in your vehicle with us

Make A Payment

We have many payment options to suit your personal needs

What We Offer
Pre-Sale Preparation

We're able to offer financing rates that many other car dealers can't offer.


We're able to offer financing rates that many other car dealers can't offer.

Trade-In Service

Our service allows you to purchase a new car at an attractive price, while saving you all the trouble of handling your old car

Ken Walker's Excellence

We are constantly raising the standard of used car retailing with one of the most innovative and reliable new and used vehicle integrations.

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